TFITS 2023 Agenda

**Times are in JST
June 28, 2023 | In-person event


Chairperson’s opening remarks

09:00 - 09:10


Keynote Address: Capital markets ecosystem on growth: Japan’s future prosperity

09:10 - 09:30

Saiko Nakagawa

Director for Asset Management Business

Financial Services Agency, Japan (JFSA)

As Director for Asset Management Business, Ms. Nakagawa supervises asset management industry in Japan and is also responsible for promoting the JFSA’s International financial center initiative. Ms. Nakagawa joined the JFSA in 2000 and since then worked at various positions in the JFSA’s financial markets division and international affairs office. She has also worked at the Cabinet Office as a staff economist in 2004-2006.

She received her master’s degree in international relations from University of California, San Diego, and B.A. in Economics from Keio University. She was a visiting fellow at Stanford University in 2012-13.


Keynote panel session: the new forms of financial services in Japan

09:30 - 10:10

  • Japan’s capital markets in 2023 and beyond: key drivers of business change
  • Imperative to understand how AI and other technologies will impact your business and industry
Shinichiro Shiraki


Aizawa Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Mr. Shiraki founded Akebono Asset Management Ltd, former Aizawa Asset Management Co., Ltd. and was appointed as CEO in 2015.

Mr. Shiraki has over 25 years of experience investing in private equity, venture capital funds and hedge funds in both Japan and globally. He launched and managed several portfolios of hedge funds and private equity funds for Sanwa Bank, now part of the Mitsubishi UFJ Group.  He was a founding member of Monex Alternative Investments established in 2004 and served as its CEO. He was appointed as CIO of Astmax Co., Ltd. in 2013.  He also served on a board of directors at Aizawa Securities Co., Ltd. TSE1 listed security broker company in 2019 and joined the board of directors at Asuka Asset Management in June 2020.

Mr. Shiraki has been a board member of the Alternative Investment Management Association of Japan (AIMA Japan) since 2001 and has been its Chairman and currently serves as its Vice Chairman.                                                                 He is also a director and committee member Japan Venture Capital Association for LP relationship committee.


Redesigning technology to accelerate the digital transformation of the Japanese financial sector

10:10 - 10:40

  • AI and blockchain 'as-a-service' via the cloud: Preparing for a cloud-enabled driven world
  • Cloud migration and moving to a new platform simultaneously will multiply the challenges and risks. What is the most effective way to eliminate those risks?
  • How new interfaces and apps are enabling businesses to access them without any code?
Akihiro Okishima

Head of Innovative Startups Strategy Dept.

Mizuho Securities

kihiro is the head of the analyst team in the cutting-edge technology fields such as AI, IoT and bio/life science, including “FinTech”, and leads Mizuho’s investment banking business for “Innovative” startups and technology companies. He has been involved in the investment banking and fund management industries for more than twenty years in Mizuho and BlackRock, and also engaged in Business and Real Estate Valuation, while working on business applications of data analysis and AI. Akihiro holds some professional certifications such as Member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS), Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) and Chartered Member of SAAJ (CMA), and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Tokyo.

Atchutarao Killamsetty

IT Country Manager

Schroders Investment Management

Since graduating with distinction from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, spent last 25 years in Japan working for prestigious multinational financial firms like Goldman Sachs, Wellington Management, UBS, Schroders (current). A perfect bilingual in Japanese and English with post graduate diploma in Digital Business from Columbia Business School and Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business. Successfully lead and delivered various digital/cloud/workflow transformation initiatives. Often referred by business executives/colleagues as trustworthy and results oriented Digital IT leadership FinTech professional.

Yutaka Sakurai


AI Finance Application Research Institute

Yutaka Sakurai is data science and AI expert with a strong background in Financial theory and practice. After more than twenty years' experience of fund manager, trader and quant in Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi and Sony Bank, he became a managing director of Research and Pricing Technology Inc.  in 2010. He started AI Finance Application Research Institute in 2017. He published a number of books on Finance and AI.


Networking break

15:20 - 15:50


CDO panel session: Capital markets are on the verge of delivering the future tense of data and technology

11:10 - 11:40

  • Transforming data management through collaboration FSI in Japan
  • Data-centric organizations are not far away. Taking a step forward isn’t the challenge; it’s leaping upward
  • How will you drive bold digital transformation in your organization over the next ten years?


ESG factors now at the heart of investment sector decision making. ESG is changing the nature of investment flows

11:40 - 12:10

  • What are the 5 most important SDGs?
  • How high-quality sustainability data can help financial institutions make better decisions
  • What are the benefits of using ESG data in all business decisions? What is the best way to utilize ESG Data going forward?
  • ESG megatrend: significant opportunities for those with the right technology
Chikako Matsumoto

Executive Officer General Manager, ESG Strategy and Solutions Department

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Limited

Chikako is responsible for the development of ESG-related solutions and the promotion of ESG business at the SMTB. She has 20-years’ experience in international development finance and sustainability at the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, being involved in the development of the World Bank’s first green bond and climate finance products. Before joining SMTB, Chikako led advisory services at EY on climate change and sustainability. Certified Financial Analyst, USA. MPP, Harvard Kennedy School

Jason Mortimer

Head of Sustainable Investment – Fixed Income

Nomura Asset Management

Jason Mortimer is Head of Sustainable Investment – Fixed Income and Senior Portfolio Manager at Nomura Asset Management in Tokyo. In this role, Jason is focused on fixed income ESG-integration and sustainable investing in fixed income and credit, as well as Green, Social, Sustainability Bonds and other mainstream impact investment strategies.

Mana Nakazora

Chief Credit Strategist/Chief ESG Strategist,Vice Chair person of Global Markets

BNP Paribas, Japan

Mana Nakazora is the Chief Credit Strategist/Chief ESG Strategist, Vice Chair person of Global Markets at BNP Paribas, Japan. She has a wealth of experience and strong reputation as a top ranked credit analyst and the first sell-side ESG analyst in Japan. Mana joined BNP Paribas in 2008 and has most recently been the Chief Japan Credit Analyst, Head of Investment Research for Global Markets Japan. She is widely recognized by policy makers and has served as a member of several Japanese government bodies. Prior to joining BNP Paribas, Mana spent time working at Nomura Research Institute, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan. She graduated from Keio University with a B.A. in Economics.

She is appointed to Japan’s Economic and Fiscal Policy Council as the panel’s first female private sector member in November 2021.She has also worked as a drafting committee member of the Fiscal System Council for Ministry of Finance Japan. Besides, she served on various Japanese government panels dealing with fiscal and ESG related affairs including such as Ministry of Finance, Ministry of the Environment, Trade and Industry, Cabinet Office and Government of Japan etc.
She was selected as No.1 of credit analyst ranking of “Nikkei VERITAS” for three consecutive years (2010-2012), and 2015.

Hiroshi OZEKI

President and Chief Executive Officer

Nissay Asset Management Corporation

Hiroshi OZEKI is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Nissay Asset Management Corporation since 2020.
In 1987, Hiroshi joined Nippon Life Insurance Company after graduation from the University of Tokyo, where he garnered most of his professional career. He accumulated ample experience and professional knowledge through various key positions in leading Investment Management as a Domestic Bond Portfolio Manager and a Head of Global Credit and Alternative Investment. In 2013, he became in charge of the Finance and Investment Planning Department as a General Manager. Promoted in 2014 to Chief Investment Officer and a member of the Board Directors & Executive Officer. In 2018, under his new leadership role at Nippon Life’s overseas operations (based in New York), he served as the Regional CEO (responsible for the Americas and Europe) and Managing Director & Executive Officer.
Hiroshi speaks and acts widely in promoting efforts to enhance the group’s initiatives on ESG investments and Green financing, including initiating the first Green Bond issued by the City of Paris and the first underwriting of women bonds by Banco del Estado de Chile (BancoEstado). He has been invited to speak at both international and domestic conferences on climate change, ESG and SDGs, including CFA, ICMA, the RI Asia, the TCFD Summit, and he gave the opening speech at the PRI Digital Conference 2021.

Hiroshi Ozeki has 34 years of business experience engaging in Corporate Planning and Asset Management, including Loan Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Corporate Strategy, Capital Procurement, IR, ALM, and Asset allocation of Life Insurance General Accounts.
AWARDS: The Securities Analysts Journal Prize (1999) from the Security Analysts Association of Japan.


Future-proofing post trade services in Japan: What new technologies are helping simplify post-trade processes 

12:10 - 12:40

  • How can DLT help solve existing post-trade issues? What are some challenges firms need to be aware of when implementing DLT in a workflow or process?  
  • How does good data management and analytics help simplify and add value to post-trade processes? How do firms achieve this? 
Ken Utsunomiya

Operating Officer, Joint Head of Operations Group, Joint Head of Global Operations

Mizuho Securities

Joined Nippon Credit Bank in 1996. He has been engaged in the development of the BOJ RTGS and securities settlement system in Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. since 1999.

After that, he joined BNP Paribas Securities in 2000, and worked on IT system development in the back division until 2012. From 2004 to 2006, worked at BNP Paribas (London) to develop a global bond trading platform. After returning to Japan, he took up the post of Head of Operations and later concurrently held the banking division. Finally, as Head of IT and Operations, he oversaw IT infrastructure, IT security and IT governance, as well as IT and operations for each product.

From 2010 to 2012, he served concurrently as Auditor of Japan Government Clearing Corporation.

Joined Societe Generale Securities /Bank and Lyxor Asset Management in 2012. As COO, he led the start-up of flow business, integration with Newedge Securities with the achievement of Japanese incorporation (KK) , and renovation project of back office system. In addition, we constructed an office environment for work style reform in conjunction with office relocation.

July 2018, Joined Mizuho Securities. As COO of the Global Markets Division, he has worked across products to build GTOM (Global Target Operating Model Committee) to promote the establishment of Business and IT infrastructure from a front-to-back perspective, and since April 2020 has also served as Global Joint Operations Head in Operations. In April 2021, he also started the mission of Attached to FG CIO and is taking charge of the overseas IT structural reform of Mizuho Financial Group. In addition, Joint Head of Operations Group has been added since April 2022.

Emmanuel Petitjean

EVP & Chief Operating Officer Operations, Services and Technologies Division

Amundi Japan Ltd.


Lunch Break

12:40 - 14:00


Chairperson’s remarks

14:00 - 14:10


Managing corporate actions in Japan: Best practices

14:10 - 14:40

  • Why is automating corporate actions still so challenging? Which specific areas are firms struggling with most? 
  • What are the current regulatory challenges in Japan associated with corporate action processing? 
  • How are firms using technology to help automate or make post-trade processes and workflows more efficient?  
  • What are some good use cases for AI, machine learning, RPA, and DLT? 


Building and optimising low latency infrastructure for high-frequency trading

14:40 - 15:20

  • What are the latest developments in the use of ultra-low and low latency technologies for trading?  
  • What is driving that demand?  
  • What are some regulatory and technical considerations HFT firms, and potentially other firms who want to leverage low latency technology, need to know?  
  • Lower latency vs throughput and performance 
Mihai Bistriteanu

Head of Securities Lending and Financing Department

SBI Securities Co. Ltd.

Mihai Bistriteanu is the head of Securities Lending and Financing Department at SBI Securities Co. Ltd. He has more than 20 years’ experience in securities markets across stock lending, equity execution and algorithmic trading.

Prior to SBI Securities, Mihai held senior positions in equity sales and trading at Phillip Securities, Credit Suisse and Citigroup in Tokyo and Singapore.


Networking break

15:20 - 15:50


Case studies

15:50 - 16:20


Disclosure highlight: The future of security and privacy in valiant new worlds

16:20 - 16:50

Makoto Shibata

Head of FINOLAB/Chief Community Officer and Audit & Supervisory Board Member, UI Bank Co., Ltd


Mr. Shibata is currently in charge of FINOLAB community operation since 2019. In his former position at The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, he was leading R&D initiatives in emerging technology and online/mobile financial service. He also held positions in corporate planning, accounting, corporate finance and retail customer services at the bank. He is one of the founders of FINOVATORS. And became an external board member at new digital bank, UI Bank, when it acquired a banking license in 2021. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from University of Tokyo and a Master of Science in Development Economics from University of Oxford.