08.00 - 08.50

Exclusive Women in data and technology networking breakfast: Invite only

Waters Technology, Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data are committed to promoting diversity, equality and encouraging change within the financial industry. Over the past few years it has become apparent that women still make up significantly less than half of senior positions within the data and technology divisions and that attracting female talent to these functional areas is a challenge.

Join us for this exclusive breakfast to expand your industry network, hear from senior female industry figures and promote female leadership for an equal future.

Opening Remarks: Vivienne Artz, President, WOMEN IN BANKING AND FINANCE

Networking tables:

• Data Science and FinTech
• Regulatory challenges
• Technology strategy
• Career development
• WIBF (Women in Banking and Finance)
• Leadership


General Registration, refreshments and networking in the partner hub:

Join us for bottomless tea, coffee and continental refreshments before the conference begins - meet our vendor partners, and network with industry leaders to prepare yourself for the day ahead.


Partner hub information:

Join us for bottomless tea, coffee and continental refreshments before the conference begins - meet our vendor partners, and network with industry leaders to prepare yourself for the day ahead.

The partner hub will showcase the latest and most innovative solutions from vendors, consultancies and service providers.

The partner hub will also feature a "Meet the speakers" area where you'll be able to catch up with the presenters and panelists in the breaks after their sessions.

EFIS is your one stop shop for meeting new partners, providers and industry colleagues!

Ongoing throughout the day:

Recharge Work Zone and SliDo Wall

Throughout the day you can take a seat in the recharge zone where work stations will be provided.

Check your emails or take a break from the main conference while charging your devices and staying tuned-in to the sessions around you - plasma screens will show the SliDo poll results and questions coming in from the audience in the room.



Welcome remarks and industry overview : Max Bowie, Editor of Inside Market Data and Inside Data Management

"Data, Reg-Tech and Change - The Global Perspective"

• Opening comments
• Industry insights - the big Brexit question
• Words of wisdom from the esteemed Advisory Board (content generated during Advisory Board lunch in May 2017)
• Explanation of new event format for 2017

Audience Participation: First SliDo Interactive Poll


Esteemed Industry Keynote Presentation: A day in the life of the Data Driven Organisation

• What does a truly data driven organisation look like
• How is it structured and organised
• How do employees at all levels operate and behave
• How would data, business, and technology interoperate

Hany Choueiri
, Chief Data Officer, Head of Data Governance and Strategy, EMEA, STATE STREET


Advisory Board and Chief Data Officer Keynote Panel

Leading the way from the top: Assessing firm-wide data strategy, implementing change and looking to the future

This session will bring together esteemed members of the first ever EFIS Advisory Board alongside Industry CDO's to discuss the latest advances in firm wide data management. The panel will share guidance on how to align functions to ease reporting requirements, synch data across the business, upgrade infrastructure, manage and monetize new types of unstructured data, and share thoughts on talent acquisition and business strategy.

• A structural shift and vision for the future: considering generation +3 with regards to the data function
• The dynamics and culture of change within the organisation - communication framework and data ownership
• Data centralization and the cost implications of technology change
• Words of wisdom - how can we win the metadata challenge?
• Debate question - evaluating the strategy for a customer centric organisation vs a regulatory driven organisation
• Brexit - discuss!

Moderator: John Bottega, Senior Advisor, Chief Data Officer Forum, Data Management Practice, EDM COUCIL
Gary Goldberg, Chief Data Officer, MIZUHO INTERNATIONAL
Roberto Maranca, Group Chief Data Officer, LLOYDS
Hany Choueiri, Chief Data Officer, Head of Data Governance and Strategy, EMEA, STATE STREET
Chris Bannocks, Chief Data Officer, ING


Showcase Presentation:GDPR : A practical viewpoint

As we all step, or stagger, towards May 2018 what are the key things that we need to build into the Programme to increase the chance of success, which areas need 'special' consideration and what can be done to ease the journey?

Craig Taylor, Independent Industry Contractor


Regulatory Keynote Presentation:

Olga Petrenko, Market Integrity Senior Officer, Markets Department, European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)


Morning break

Network with peers in the partner hub or stop by the allocated MiFID II strategy station to share your last minute concerns and ideas with peer


Stream 1: Market Data Management, Analytics and Business Strategy

The sessions in this stream will cover market data commercial management, costs, contracts and licensing agreements, effectively utilising new types of data, implementing analytics technology and considering AI and machine learning techniques

Chairman's overview from Max Bowie, Editor of INSIDE MARKET DATA and INSIDE DATA MANAGEMENT                      

Stream 2:
Reference Data, Regulation and Transparency

The ever-popular sessions in this stream will cover reference data strategy, regulatory concerns, specifically MiFID II as we approach the deadline, updates to LEIs and concerns around GDPR.

Chairperson's opening remarks: John Bottega, Senior Advisor, Chief Data Officer Forum, Data Management Practice, EDM COUCIL


Ongoing throughout the morning: networking table in the Partnership Hub:

Join the conversation at our roundtable in the partnership hub - Take a seat at the table to discuss the corresponding topic with industry experts and service providers away from the main conference sessions

Why not make a new connection via the event app and arrange to meet at the table to share ideas and best practice?


Leadership Panel: The outlook for market data

Over the years the industry's market data leaders have congregated at EFIS - join them in 2017 to hear how the conversation is changing as vendor partnerships, contracts and licensing agreements are evolving to meet the requirements of the business.

  • Evaluating market data providers, contracts and licensing
  • Seeing market data as a revenue generator rather than a cost when it comes to managing vendor relationships
  • Vendor data usage policies and the associated challenges - how do you deal with different market data providers and the permissioning for subsequent systems/needs centrally?
  • Optimising demand and usage within your contracted data - how to reduce double contracts while balancing demand and compliancy
  • Technology updates - advances in low latency and the speed of market data distribution
  • Assessing the cost of indexes and new initiatives around benchmarking

Moderator: Max Bowie, Editor of Inside Market Data
Meg Dillon, Market Data Sourcing Manager, LLOYDS BANKING GROUP
Cornelia Andersson, Vice President, Global Corporate Services, BLACKSTONE GROUP
Kiou Nayer Nouri, Director - Head of Market Data Commercial, Legal and Controls, BARCLAYS
Antonio Novillo, Global Head of Wealth Management Operations, DEUTSCHE BANK

Leadership Panel: The outlook for reference data

Members of the advisory board and esteemed industry experts will discuss the current regulatory challenges and expectations for the coming year and beyond, specifically focusing on the final stages of MiFID II compliance and updates to LEI's. Learn how to change the regulatory burden into opportunity and optimize the uses for reference data across the business.

  • What will the repercussions be for firms submitting MiFID II/MiFIR transaction reports with missing legal entity identifiers?
  • Gaps in LEI coverage - will this impact your ability to trade?
  • The evolution of the LEI standard - how are planned extensions impacting your firm?
  • Are the requirements of MiFID II the kick-start firms need to effectively manage reference data?
  • Pre and post trade transparency considerations - the proliferation of systematic internalisers (SI's)
  • Is there a danger of "transparency for transparency's sake" through MiFID II?
  • Prioritizing projects and working collaboratively with the regulators and vendors to optimize compliance strategy

Moderator: Chris Johnson, Senior Product Manager, Market Data, HSBC SECURITIES SERVICES
Chad Giussani, Head of Transaction Reporting Compliance, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK
Beate Born, Global MiFID II project lead, UBS
Roy Kirby, Director, Head of Product Propositions, SIX FINANCIAL INFORMATION
Peter Moss, Chief Executive Officer, The SmartStream Reference Data Utility





Industry Initiatives Panel: Scalable business models within the cloud - storage and connectivity

Cloud technology is no new concept, but what more could you be doing? Utilising cloud resources on demand and implementing scalable solutions are the next steps forward - join this session to continue the conversation and bring your firm to the forefront of progressive cloud technology.

  • Cloud as a scalable solution - moving on from storage and towards scalability
  • Security concerns for cloud based data delivery
  • Using cloud resources on demand - utilizing analytical functionality for data within the cloud
  • Is the next step to migrate internal processes to the cloud?
  • Advances in cloud based solutions - what are the latest offerings?
  • What are the key regulatory concerns of cloud based storage solutions?

Moderator: Craig Taylor, Independent Industry Contractor
Richard Croucher, High Frequency Engineering, BARCLAYS CAPITAL



EFIS Knowledge Session 1: Updates from the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation

Clare Rowley, Head of Business Operations, GLEIF

EFIS Knowledge Session 2: Regulation in a Post Brexit Britain: "Regulatory Equivalence"

Beate Born, Global MiFID II project lead, UBS





Insight Panel: The Reg-Tech Revolution

Reg-Tech is the latest in a series of technology trends sweeping the financial services - with data at the forefront of regulatory reporting, the need for agile solutions is paramount for firms who require automated systems to effectively manage data, reduce risk and increase efficiency. Join this session to learn about the latest reg-tech solutions, where you should be investing, and how to tackle the challenge of updating, amending or transforming legacy systems and infrastructure.

  • Reg-tech tools for applying analytics to big data for visualization and identifying anomalies
  • How is AI impacting the way you manage your compliance efforts?
  • Leveraging existing technology and legacy systems - assessing what you have and identifying areas for improvement
  • Utilizing new, scalable technology for regulatory purposes
  • The latest in cognitive compliance solutions - how do you asses the build vs buy option?
  • How can you monitor and measure AI solutions to guarantee your reporting efforts = compliance?

Moderator: PJ Di Giammarino, CEO, JWG GROUPD
Dr. Tony K. Chau
, Lead Architect, IB CTO, UBS
Artur d'Avila Garcez, FBCS, Professor of Computer Science
Director, Research Centre for Machine Learning
Patrick Hogan, Head of Section of Banking Supervision Data Division, EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK

Industry Initiatives Panel: Modelling risk factors - FRTB, a step on from the challenges of BCBS239?

Join this session to delve into the data challenges that FRTB is presenting - discuss the importance of data quality and the need for operational change to avoid huge capital penalties. The expert panel will shed light on the data requirements and strategic approach you can take to ease the burden and effectively manage risk.

  • The importance of precision and quality in data delivery - assessing the relationship between BCBS239 principals and the requirements of FRTB
  • Accurately modelling risk factors from real time and historic data generation
  • Managing the practicalities of data access to support compliance requirements around (non-modellable risk factors) NMRFs
  • Pooling data for FRTB - the vendor perspective and assessing a utility model vs. maintaining control over historical trade data internally
  • The implications on risk operating models and technology/data infrastructure

Moderator: Craig Taylor, Independent Industry Contractor
Assad Bouayoun, Director, XVA, Quantitative Analytics, SCOTIA BANK
Suman Datta, Director, Head, Portfolio Quantitative Research, CB Markets, LLOYDS BANK COMMERCIAL BANKING
Dr Neil Dodgson, Global Head Risk & Compliance Analytics IBM WATSON FINANCIAL SERVICES





Lunch break for all delegates and attendees, and opportunity to network in the partner hub    

MiFID II Networking Lunch

Still not ready for the MiFID II deadline? Grab some lunch and head to one of the allocated MiFID II networking tables to share your challenges and concerns with other delegates!



Developing the next generation of data leaders: "Speed networking"

Are you new to the data industry, early on in your career or have recently changed roles? Join the mentors in the main conference room to seek advice and ask questions to help map out your future.


Chairman's opening remarks and overview of afternoon sessions


Delegate discussion workshops:

Join a table to delve deeper into the topic of interest to you - talk "off the record" to industry experts and vendor partners to share challenges and strategies and to take part in live, interactive polls

Each of these sessions will be hosted by an industry expert or member of the EFIS advisory board - we will send out a brief summary/discussion points in advance of the conference and delegates should join a table to share ideas with the group. Drop a business card in the bowl at your table if you would like to share your contact information with the other delegates at the table.

Confirmed Workshops:

1. Table topic: Updates from the GLEIF

Hosted by: Clare Rowley
, Head of Business Operations, GLEIF and Karla McKenna, Chair of the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 68 (ISO/TC 68) and Head of Standards, GLEIF

2. Table topic: ISIN for OTC Derivatives

Hosted by: Chris Johnson
, Senior Product Manager, Market Data, HSBC SECURITIES SERVICES

3. Table topic: Managing data governance around the firm

Hosted by: Catriona Baldwin
, Head of Data Governance, CREDIT SUISSE

4. Table topic: Data Quality and Data Adoption

Hosted by: Angela Johnson
, Global Rollout Lead For Data Quality Repository And Workflow Tools, DEUTSCHE BANK

5. Table topic: FRTB - managing the practicalities of the data requirements

• The definition and management of non-modellable risk factors (NMRF)
• Addressing the data aggregation challenge
• Model Validation & Governance
• Managing the volumes needed for Default Risk Charge (DRC)

Hosted by: Dr Neil Dodgson,
Global Head Risk & Compliance Analytics IBM WATSON FINANCIAL SERVICES and Leo Armer, Head of Financial Risk Tech Sales, IBM WATSON FINANCIAL SERVICES

6. Table topic: Measuring finance and the economy at the relevant speed and scale

Hosted by: Francis Gross, DG Statistics, The European Central Bank

7. Table topic: GDPR

Hosted by: Craig Taylor, Independent Industry Contractor

8. Data Science: What does the future look like?

Investment into data science is at the forefront of innovation initiatives for the data management function and the wider business. The need for good, clean data, a holistic, firm-wide approach and integrated systems are just a few of the factors that need to be considered before investing in data science projects and reaping the rewards. With start-up's and established vendors competing in this space, and firms around the world implementing internal data labs and working groups, "data science" is a buzz word that just can't be ignored - join this table to share your data science journey and to shape your strategy going forward.

Hosted by: Jenna Ahn, VP, Data Science & Fintech, Corporate and Investment Bank, J.P. MORGAN


Delegates Choice Panel: Automation, AI and Analytics

With volumes of data growing exponentially, making sense of information and utilising analytics effectively has never been more important - join this session to hear the panel discuss the uses for data lakes, evaluate the opportunities presented by unstructured data sets,
Asses how AI technology is evolving within the financial industry and disrupting the way we work with market data and our providers.

  • Using machine leaning in a systematic and statistical way to enable trade decisions and improve speed of performance - should we source market data directly from the exchanges?
  • What is the analytic process behind AI in your firm, and what are the data sources going into it? How are you managing unstructured data?
  • Back testing market data, and incorporating self-learning algo's for insightful market-making
  • Data-centric visualization tools and vendor offerings in the machine learning space
  • Using AI to achieve measurable results through data mining
  • AI in other areas of the business - will firms function entirely by machine in years to come and how will the human element evolve or decline?

Moderator: Alpesh Doshi, Managing Partner, REDCLIFFE CAPITAL
Professor J. Mark Bishop, Director, The Centre for Intelligent Data Analytics and Professor of Cognitive Computing, GOLDSMITHS, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
Julia Sutton, Group Customer Data Strategy, HSBC

Delegates Choice Panel: Data governance and quality - the foundations of a solid data function: Creating a culture of accountability

Data is the only permanent asset of an organization, so good governance is a must -Learn how to incorporate governance procedures and quality checks into every day processes while creating a culture that becomes second nature to both your employees and your machines. As regulation paved the way for the introduction of data management and governance policies, what is the key imperative to embed in the long term?

  • How can we effectively handle a multi-vendor environment when it comes to maintaining data quality standards? How do you define quality levels and achieve transparency from your vendors?
  • The reality of trying to monetize good data quality and governance - is it possible?
  • Can the fast moving businesses we serve ever fully buy into a data governance model, with its checks and balances? How do we work towards a holistic culture where data ownership is key to success?
  • What classes of data have you found the most ungovernable?
  • Aligning quality checks and governance processes with advances in technology
  • Pre-validating data from a lineage perspective to improve precision and make better risk decisions

Moderator: Kerry White, Executive Director, Global Product Management, Asset Owners Segment, JP MORGAN
Mark M Bird, CMB Chief Data Officer for EMEA, Customer Data Lead & Data Governance Lead, HSBC
Neville Homer, Head of Reference Data, Reporting & Data Services, RBS
Alain Robert-Dautun, Head of Risk Management, SYCOMORE ASSET MANAGEMENT
Olivier Rose, Head of Projects & International Data Management
SOCIETE GENERALE Securities Services
Catriona Baldwin, Head of Data Governance, CREDIT SUISSE




Afternoon Break and opportunity to network in the partner hub

Advice sharing and networking table: The pathway to the top

Are you just starting out, or are you an experienced professional with a career spanning decades in the world of the financial data function? Whatever your role, stop by this table to share your experience with others and give advice to the millennial generation. Follow up at the end of the conference at Roundtable 4!


Data Leader Insights: "Does Data Utopia exist?"

Roberto Maranca, Group Chief Data Officer, LLOYDS


Exclusive Presentation: What you need to know about the new Benchmarks Regulation

With the EU due to start enforcing its Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) from January 1, 2018, the clock to compliance is fast counting down. If you are using index & benchmark data then you may be affected by this new regulation. Join this introductory session to understand the steps you need to take to comply with the BMR:

• to determine the value of a fund
• to define the asset location of a portfolio
• to calculate performance fees of a fund
• to determine the amount payable under a financial instrument
• to determine the value of a financial contract
• to determine the value of a financial instrument

Bruno Piers de Raveschoot, Chief Operating Officer, RIMES' RegTech Division


Afternoon Keynote Panel: "Meet the regulators"

Moderator: PJ Di Giammarino, CEO, JWG GROUP
Franck Lasry, Transversal Project Manager, Market Surveillance Division, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)
Francis Gross, Senior Adviser, Directorate General Statistics, European Central Bank
Olga Petrenko, Market Integrity Senior Officer, Markets Department, European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
Wouter Van Bronswijk, Senior Supervisor, The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)



Data Debrief: Max Bowie, Editor, Inside Market Data

Round up of the day and explanation of the Champagne Roundtable Sessions


Drinks Reception and Champagne Roundtables: Within the Partner hub

Grab a drink from the bar and network with peers, or take a seat at an "off the record" informal Champagne Roundtable to discuss the key concerns debated in earlier sessions. Learn from your industry colleagues and collaborate to resolve challenges, share ideas and improve your strategy.

Roundtable 1: FRTB - Effectively Utilizing Data to Model Risk Factors
Hosted by:
Dr Neil Dodgson, Global Head Risk & Compliance Analytics IBM WATSON FINANCIAL SERVICES

Roundtable 2: Market Data Costs, Contracts and Licensing

Roundtable 3: Global Regulatory Strategy

Roundtable 4: The role of the millennial: Junior staff/practitioner networking roundtable

Roundtable 5: Data Science - Seeing Data Differently

Roundtable 6: Women in data - diversity, inclusion and leadership
Hosted by: Catriona Baldwin
, Head of Data Governance, CREDIT SUISSE

Roundtable 7: Governance, Transparency and Quality

Roundtable 8: Advances in analytics

Roundtable 9: MiFID II: What's left to do?

Roundtable 10: GDPR
Hosted by: Roberto Maranca, Group CDO, LLOYDS BANKING GROUP

(please note that these topics can be changed to suit requirements)


European Financial Information Summit Advisory Board and VIP Speaker Dinner (Invite Only)