2019 Programme




Welcome remarks


Keynote Panel: Turn for technology: How Japanese financial institutions can grow, innovate and expand

  • What are the latest technological trends in Japanese financial industry?
  • How to navigate and keep up with the rapidly evolving financial technology landscape?
  • How do you implement innovative technologies and solutions in Japan?
  • How will you address the new CIO roles and responsibilities?

Marcos Asai, Executive Director, JPMORGAN SECURITIES JAPAN CO., LTD
Colm Kennelly, Chief Information Officer, BNP PARIBAS CARDIF
Allan Reyes, Managing Director, Head of Technology Solutions, NIKKO ASSET MANAGEMENT
Hikaru Yoshida, Managing Director, Member of the Board, Head of Operations & IT Unit, THE NORINCHUKIN BANK

Eiichiro Yanagawa, Senior Analyst, Financial Services, CELENT 


Fire-side chat: Achieving strategic advantage in investment management with AI and machine learning

  • What are the latest views on AI/ ML applications among asset owners and managers?
  • What are the common areas of application? What are the obstacles? What to expect?
  • How to transform and make use of unstructured data? Is it worth investing on PoC?
  • What are the future plans to improve investment process and returns?

Tatsuo Ichikawa
, Managing Director, Head of Rates and FX Investment Department and Head of Quants Team, JAPAN POST BANK
Yoshinori Nomura, Director and Fund Manager, SIMPLEX ASSET MANAGEMENT

Makoto Shibata, Executive Fellow, JAPAN DIGITAL DESIGN, INC


Morning Break


Panel:  The transition and future state of post-trade operations

  • Why is the pressure on post-trade operations intensifying?
  • How to address latest operational challenges in a flexible and agile manner? What are the options and approaches available?
  • What is the business case of a single, through-the-line system across multi assets and currencies to end users and their clients?
  • How cloud development and automation are simplifying post-trade operations to adapt to changes in market structure, regulatory landscape and business models?
  • Beyond process automation – what is the outlook for AI and Machine Learning in optimising efficiencies?

Philippe Bredel, Chief Operating Officer, CLSA SECURITIES JAPAN CO., LTD.
Gordon Russell, Head of Asia, TORSTONE TECHNOLOGY
Ken Utsunomiya, Managing Director, Global Chief Operating Officer for Wholesale, Global Markets Division, MIZUHO SECURITIES
Shun Yanagisawa, Head of Futures, Clearing & Collateral, CITIGROUP GLOBAL MARKETS JAPAN INC.

Wei-Shen Wong


Case study/ Panel: Modernizing legacy systems in Japanese financial institutions - Should we fix it, if it’s not broken?

  • What is current landscape of “technical debt” in Japanese banking legacy systems?
  • How to manage risk and cost of maintaining aging infrastructures within Japanese financial system?
  • How to bridge the gap between legacy technology and processes to build a digital client ecosystem?
  • Does bolting-on FinTech to build digital facade work or will lead to inevitable collapse of legacy architecture? 
  • What are the top-drivers of core modernization? Should risk mitigation or revenue generation lead modernization efforts? Why?

Masayuki Ichioka, Vice President, GOLDMAN SACHS JAPAN CO., LTD.
Ren Kuroda, Japan Equities COO, Global Markets Division, MIZUHO SECURITIES CO., LTD.
James Marsden, Managing Director, APAC Business Development and Strategy, BROADRIDGE

Eiichiro Yanagawa, Senior Analyst, Financial Services, CELENT 




Afternoon Keynote: Cashless payment innovation from view points of payment system and two-sided market Contents

  • What is money?  FinTech and Stone money of Yap Island
  • What is new? Quasi-money and clearing function, Scope of economy with new type of data
  • Potential changes in Payment system
  • Cashless payments as Two-sided market; Features and Observations
  • Collaboration and Competition to expand the market

Yutaka Soejima, Head of FinTech Center, Deputy Director-General of Payment and Settlement Systems Department, BANK OF JAPAN


Live Poll Audience Interactive Panel :  Beyond the hype: How AI can create unprecedented transformation

Using Slido, the audience will be asked below questions and the panellists will address them in their discussion

  • Do Japanese financial institutions have an AI strategy?
  • How much has been invested in AI and emerging tech innovation across leading Japanese banks?
  • What common trends do their innovation efforts point to – and what does that mean for the future of banking?
  • Will AI empower or replace workforce?
  • What are the necessary skill sets, teams, and tools required for adaptive software in the future for Japanese financial institutions?

Masaaki Matsuhashi
, Senior Executive Officer, SEVEN BANK
Ryusuke Sato, Head of Data Science, TOKIO MARINE HOLDINGS, INC
Tatsuya Shirakawa, Senior Digital Strategist, MIZUHO BANK, LTD.

Makoto Shibata, Executive Fellow, JAPAN DIGITAL DESIGN, INC


Presentation: How does managing human performance using biodata collected by wearable technology mitigate market risk?

  • What does it mean to optimize profit by increasing human performance?
  • How do you strengthen ML predictive models using biodata?
  • What is the future of fund management?
    - How does wearable technology put a competitive advantage within reach?
    - What does it look like when Japanese financial institutions embrace the future?

Ken Medanic, Managing Director, NEUROTRADER


Afternoon Break


Fire-side chat:  AML/CTF trends and developments in Japanese financial institutions

  • What are the challenges for regulators and practitioners in identifying anomalies as transaction volume increases and new digital channels increase?
  • What are the expectations for the upcoming 4th Round FATF Mutual Evaluation?
  • What are the AML Compliance trends that are affecting Japan?
  • How technology can help modernize the AML program?

Matthew Field
, APAC Market Director - Anti Money Laundering, NICE ACTIMIZE
Kojiro Sakai, Chief Compliance Officer, JIBUN BANK

Kazunari Ohashi, Representative Director and Head of Legal and Risk, CLSA SECURITIES JAPAN


Panel:  Emerging technology – Looking beyond the fintech boom

This closing panel will allow senior leaders financial  firms in Japan to discuss the latest trends, developments, and innovations related to financial services and next-Generation Technology.

Capital/ Financial markets firms are faced with an array of strategic choices in 2020 centred upon next-gen technology. In this panel, we discuss a realistic and informed view of the key developments that will affect those strategic decisions. Key discussion topics and emerging technologies include improving the client experience, the power of the ecosystem, AI/ Machine Learning/ Robotic Process Automation, and DLT/ Blockchain.

Satoki Oi
, Head of Digital Innovation Department, MIZUHO SECURITIES CO., LTD.
Michael Ross, Managing Director, Head of Sales, BROADRIDGE JAPAN
Suguru Yamasaki, Head of Open Innovation, SUMITOMO MITSUI FINANCIAL GROUP
Ryusuke Yokoyama, Senior Executive Officer & CIO, JAPAN EXCHANGE GROUP, INC.

Eiichiro Yanagawa, Senior Analyst, Financial Services, CELENT