About us

About us

Who is WatersTechnology?

Technology and data have been on a journey – transforming almost everything we interact with, but what WE live and breathe is how it is transforming capital markets. WatersTechnology has been riding right alongside technology and data, capturing the innovative use cases and future view, getting granular on market data and reporting on the uses of reference data.  As a group we deliver our smart, in depth, unique content to you online, in print and human to human.  We believe as a group that the technology is the infrastructure and the data is the blood that runs through it. 

Our online and print content is focusing on unique, in depth content that you can’t get anywhere else.  Our global editorial team have unique access to the market and are able to deliver knowledgeable insights that not only will inform you of what is going on in the market it will help you in you and your teams stay up to date and informed.

Those in depth insights are brought to the market in live format 4 times a year in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.  We use our strong rooted market connections to drive content that can’t be found anywhere else and we create an environment that supports effortless networking. 

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