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The contributing brands that make up waterstechnology.com may well be familiar to you but here is an overview on what each one reports on to give you a bit more understanding on what sections you may wish to subscribe to.

WatersTechnology.com includes:

Updated daily news section, Features, Analysis, Special reports, Webinars, Filmed interviews and videos, Awards and conference calendar, Whitepapers, News alerts

Subject areas covered by WatersTechnology:

Exchanges, Connectivity & Networks, Regulation & Standards, Data Management, Trading Technologies and Strategies, Content Focus, Buy-Side Operations, Market Data Management, Organization & Management, Risk Management, Infrastructure Technologies, Trading Floor Technologies, Operations

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Inside Market Data

Breaking news on how sell-side and buy-side firms are using data services

Since 1985, Inside Market Data has brought market data industry executives the news and analysis they need to do their jobs and address the business and financial issues they face as consumers and suppliers of market data.

Updated daily online and rounded up in a weekly print publication, Inside Market Data provides breaking news on how sell-side and buy-side firms are using data services. It also covers analysis of industry issues and strategic initiatives, details of new data products being developed by vendors, exchanges and brokers, as well as Q&As with key industry executives, special reports on specific topics, and thought-leadership articles written by industry insiders

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Inside Reference Data

Understanding, identifying and managing reference datas

Inside Reference Data provides a new level of insight for understanding, identifying and managing reference data. Covering strategies, data quality and regulation, no other publication will be able to help reduce the risk of bad data.

Inside Reference Data is targeted at anyone involved in reference data projects at investment banks, brokers, institutions, exchanges and data providers.

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Buy-Side Technology

Business & technical issues impacting buy-side executives

Buy-Side Technology delivers online-only analysis and news on business and technology trends, drivers and the processes shaping the hedge fund and investment management industries.

Buy-Side Technology's editorial team in New York and London is at the forefront of developments in these markets and offer our readers the core developments and latest technologies and strategies for front, middle and back office functions. The Buy-Side Technology community comprises the key business and technology decision-makers who purchase, implement and develop financial technologies on the buy-side, to ensure they stay on top of the regulatory, market-structure and technology trends impacting the financial markets.

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Sell-Side Technology

Daily news & analysis for sell-side financial trading markets

Sell-Side Technology covers how financial institutions maintain their competitive advantage by making strategic investments into their front-office trading systems; examines internally developed and third-party systems being brought to market and the latest technology's impact on the industry.

Sell-Side Technology also covers technology issues facing best execution, market connectivity and infrastructure management.

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